According to conventional thought, the ministry of healing has been practiced sparingly throughout Christian history with only a limited effect on the Church. Most believe that physical deliverance was promoted by extremists and those outside the mainstream. However, this common assertion overlooks the fact that healing has been at the heart of Christianity from the beginning.

Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church tackles this issue head on, making a compelling case for the centrality of healing in the Church as it unearths elapsed practices and doctrinal foundations. This book carefully weaves transformative strategies with the heartfelt narratives of many of the most noted practitioners in history. You can not only read their stories but actually gain a deeper understanding of their insights

This is an audacious book series that attempts to capture the inexplicable experiences of monks, reformers, tent evangelists, and others.

“A comprehensive, if not groundbreaking, exploration of religious healing.”  — Kirkus Review
“This will surely become a foundational resource for anyone studying healing in the future.” —
Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies
“Probably the most extensive treatment of healing in church history available.” —Craig Keener, Ph.D., author, Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts

Theologians, church workers, healing practitioners, the needy, and other interested readers will find a comprehensive treatise on healing unlike anything they have ever encountered.

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